Community Health

High mortality rate and low life expectancy among rural dwellers in developing countries is an unfortunate recurring decimal,This mortality rate  which is particularly pronounced among infants below 5 years of age and women of child-bearing age is acerbated by the lack or  an inaccessibility of medical facilities in many communities.

HEALIN through its community outreach service promotes community health and wellbeing through a variety of interventions including:

Community Medical Outreaches where mobile health care services are made available for communities with little or no access to health facilities.

Health Education in which we carry out health sensitization campaigns on household/ community hygiene, sanitation, nutrition and maternal/child health.

Water and Sanitation HEALIN works with communities in providing sanitation facilities including toilets, waste disposal facilities and explore local affordable means of water purification for drinking and cooking.     

Malaria prevention and treatment including social mobilization for distribution and use of long lasting Insecticide- treated Bed nets, and increased access to affordable ACTs.

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